Bee Natural is lip-balm made from all-natural products, containing only: organic coconut oil, bees-wax and honey reduction.

In late 2015 my partner and I were fortunate to be able to move to Papamoa and even more fortunate to find a property with a large section that would allow us to start providing for ourselves. The desire to become more conscious of how we live inspired us to look into beehives. We were so lucky to find Seaside Bees.

Seaside Bees is an amazing business based at Papamoa Beach and they build unique beehives, create a hive for you and will maintain the hive if you so choose.

It was such an exciting experience harvesting the first lot of honey and I did not want to waste a single drop of honeycomb. The bees work so hard to create the honeycomb and I should mention that we only take honey comb when there is an excess that allows us to do so, during winter we do not take honey nor feed the bees sugar water as a substitute.

So in an effort to utilise all of the honeycomb I looked up how to make lip balm. I love lip balm and I was very over using petroleum based products (a gross by product of petrol — yrrrk!!).

The result was a lovely edible balm made only of organic coconut oil and beeswax and honey from our bees. I love it so much that I use it not only on my lips but also for my face and body moisturiser. I had excess so I started giving it to my family & friends. I had such great feedback that I thought others might like it too and Bee Natural was born.